Added value through slag valorization

In more and more countries high value applications for the mineral part of the slag are gaining importance, because dumping of the slag is expensive or legally restricted.


We help finding optimum applications for the slag, depending on region and slag type. Keeping an eye on the slag application the process can be adapted to optimize the balance between high metal recovery and high value application mostly in construction applications.


Together with partner companies we have developed integrated concepts, taking into account the slag from tilting and cooling to finished products.


It is important to look deep into detail of the mineralogy to find optimum solutions!


The main markets for slag products are the construction industry and agriculture.

EXAMPLE: Valorization of BOF slag

As an example and sketched in the picture below, the valorization concept of an integrated carbon steel mill generating 1 Mtpa of BOF slag could comprise of a widespread package of products, depending on the local markets:

  • From liquid slag through reductive metallurgical after treatment
    • Liquid metal to be returned to BOF
    • OPC-like cement from "Klinkerweg" treatment developed by Loesche GmbH, currently further developed together with Primetals
  • Internal recycling
    • Solid metal from Metal Recovery Plant(s)
    • Part of the slag re-use as slag forming agent (limited)
  • Coarse products
    • Aggregates for asphalt and concrete as well as for base layers
  • Products from ground slag (grinding process)
    • Mineral filler (as substitute of limestone filler)
    • Carbstone building blocks and pavers (patented by Carbstone innovation)
    • Composite cement
    • Fine metal to be returned to steel mill


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