Innovative solutions for dry processing

Savings in water consumption for mineral processing are gaining interest for various reasons:

  • if water is not sufficiently available in arid regions
  • when water extraction and usage is related to high fees
  • when local legislation prohibits the use of water or the disposal of wet slimes
  • to reduce capital and operating cost because of easier material handling and obsolete water cycles
  • to save thermal drying energy if a dry product is required; or if the processed material prohibits the use of water because of material properties

CALA is specialized in the application of dry pre-concentration and total processing concepts involving dry crushing, grinding and sorting technologies for coarse to fine fractions.


We are combining modern sensor based technologies with classic sorting criteria like magnetic susceptibility, density, conductivity to get the best out of your raw materials.

EXAMPLE: Dry Fuidized bed separator

CALA has developed a new type of dry density separators.


The Separator opens up numerous applications for the dry density separation of fines -2 mm (max. sizes 4mm).


Being applicable to ores, mineral sands, fine slags and other raw materials amenable to gravity separation, the fluidized bed separator is the dry alternative to wet processing - as pre- or final concentrating device.


Working principle

The separator makes use of different settling velocities of particles with different densities in a dry fluidized bed. This way, heavy and light particles stratify into layers that can be discharged separately.


A new discharge control guarantees constant material qualities of the discharged heavy products for special applications.


For applications in mineral processing, typical capacities are in the range of 10-20 t/h per meter working width.


Test units

A pilot scale (up to 5 t/h) concentrator is available for material testing. If dry processing sounds interesting to you we can test the unit for your application. You will see how your process will benefit from dry density separation. If you need additional information, please contact us.



The pictures below show some exemplary results of dry separation with the fludized bed separator.

Processing of cable scrap

Sorting of shredded cable scrap

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