Slag Processing and Valorization - everything considered

We have served some of the biggest mill service companies as well as steel mills and local slag handling companies with services like

  • Slag analyses for metal contents, chemical and mineralogical compositions, marketability
  • Metal Recovery Plant concepts
  • Mineral Product valorization concepts

Our specialty is to maximize metal recovery without losing track of the valorization of the residual slag, since it can be a high-value product and the cost of disposal generally increases.


Whether it is slag from ferroalloy (FeCr, FeMn, and others), stainless steel or carbon steel mills (BOF / LD, EAF and ladle furnace slags) on the one hand, or slags from base metal smelting (copper slags, lead slags, ...) on the other hand, we will find the optimum solution for each slag type and each market.


The motivation for slag processing in most cases is the recovery of metal, but the key to success is to find a maximum value application for the mineral part of the slag.


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Selection of an appropriate processing and application concept for slags

The selection of an appropriate processing and valorization concept for a certain type of slag depends on various factors:

  • Metal content and value of contained metal

→ incentive for maximization of metal recovery by more extensive processing (low for carbon steel, high for stainless steel, some Ferroalloys and Non-ferrous metals)

  • Chemical and mineralogical composition

→ defines technical applicability to certain valorization routes

→ influences various properties of the raw slag (e.g. size distribution, volume stability, grindability)

  • Environmental parameters (leaching behaviour and solids contents)

→ applicability of valorization routes according to local env. standards possible?

  • Slag origin (current arising or from dump)

→ adaption of slag properties to fit to a desired processing and valorization concept for current arising liquid slag possible, whereas dumped slag has to be taken as it is

  • Local markets

→ even if the suitability of slag products for an application has been proven according to local technical and environmental standards, the local or regional market has to accept these products - often competing primary products

  • Dumping conditions

→ cost of dumping the slag can be another significant incentive to increase the efforts for valorization of the slag


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